SpareTime Bluegrass Band

We're having a good time....


SpareTime and some friends

2007 in Europe with the Steeno's & Blackie



At the Barrymore with the Lonesome Rogues and the Cork & Bottle Feb. 13th 2005

And a singing Happy 50th Birthday wish for Bob

& when Bob got home


at the Hody Bar

with Dale Ward.


Steeno Last Gaspe @ the Eldorado



A great time and a full house for the Eric Lewis and Andy Ratliff show. Some great music was played after the show as Eric, Andy & Mark jammed with John Jirak on Bass and Kyle on the 5 string.


On Sunday the 18th we played the Hody bar and had loads of old friends show up.

Look at the budding hams


And the drinks are on Coury. The whole bar said thanks.



Three gigs, a house concert & a bearded lady

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St Patrick's Day at the Roxbury Tavern

  A great crowd and a great time.

  Great stew and Guinness in the bottle and on tap

  We are already planning next year.

  (Does that Guinness ad cartoon look like Tom was the model?)

The VA Credit Union dinner

  As always while the NCAA tournament is on

  And as always good food and nice folks


House Concert

  Lorie and Bobby had their first house concert

  A new band fresh from the studio played to a full house.

Gravity High is:

Meghan McGowan, Nate Sitzman, Charlie Rose and Cody Walters.

They are great musicians and put on a wonderful show. The band and audience jammed after the show. Watch for them! We will try and post their schedule when they are in WI.

As Bob Stanton says, “Remember, gravity is the law.”.

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Then Sunday at the Hody Bar.

  Good season for the Badgers Basketball, but a sad ending.

We normally start playing at 4 but because of the game we started at 5:40.

Thanks to all of you that hung out all evening and especially for you that drove all the way from Milwaukee.



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We'll talk to you soon!!

Tyranena Brewery

Lake Mills, WI


Cold Beer and new tunes.

We tried some new songs and some that we pulled from the past. Ken came and took some pictures, see below. Chris powers made it and played that Steampowered aeroplane.


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The hot desert sun of Arizona


We had a great time …

And here are some highlights:

Bobby B gets carded in a bar.

We met the Jambusters, a bluegrass band from Tempe.

We went to a Bluegrass festival in Parker AZ.

  And got to see

    Bluegrass Etc.

    Kane's River

    Arizona Tradition (& jammed with Jeff their fiddle player)

    Long Lonesome Road w Laurie Lewis

      & regular band members David Parmley and Roger Buss

    And Country Current the US Navy Bluegrass Band

We got to Jam at the festival with two guys from the Jambusters, Pete on banjo and Bobby on fiddle. So the Jam started with Bobby B on guitar, Bobby S on Mandolin, Jambuster Bobby on fiddle and Jambuster bassist Robert. We were "Bob's ‘r' us".

We left Arizona on the day it was to hit 91 degrees. Got back to Madison to a balmy 40.


Next Stop Lake Mills…..

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To Be Up North

That's what this weekend was, among the smear players and ski jumpers.

We started the weekend driving to Iron Mt. MI in a snowstorm.

After finally making it, we had dinner at the old “Alibi” bar then a jam at the old Kimlark Inn (sp?).

Another memory and another tune. Bobby Steeno sang about Too Tall and his short visit with life long memories.

Then on Saturday it was still too windy for the ski jumps so we got ready to play at Wally's Wonder Inn.

We arrived at 8:30 for the 9 PM gig. As we opened the door, the smoke rolled out of the place.

There had been an all day card tournament, and the results still hung over the bar.

Many Steeno friends and family were there to enjoy the SpareTime experience.

Then on Sunday a trip back to Madison for The.SpareTime bunch 4 PM gig at the Hody Bar.

What a time was had in Middleton…

Carmen was there..

Blackie and Debbie got up to sing

Dave Bachal played bass and sang a tune

Nate Sitzman played the strings off that mando and sang some too!

Next stop: Arizona!!

But that's another story……


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