January 2nd, 2020 3:38 PM

We had a great time at the Geezers New Year’s Eve PARTY.

A Sold Out event. Many of our musical buddies are in the house.

We did a folky sing-a-long tune to remind everybody we are all in this together.  And told everyone again to go out and vote.

And Eleanor stole the show       Thanks to Common Ground and everyone who came on out.

Now in January we have a fund raiser for the Roxbury Tavern Alumni.  Seems the buyer skipped out without paying some of the bills & we are helping cover these costs.   In the mean time the Roxbury Tavern is for sale….  We are looking for the right person to take this place over and make it our home again.  Hey Gina, Trent, Stacy… you know who you are and this is the spot to return to the gastro/musical spot it was.  We need someone to step up.


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