February 16th, 2015 3:16 PM

It is not yet Spring, but we can see it from here. We have some new gigs and we’ve been nominated for the MAMA’s (Madison Area Music Awards). Please vote for us!!  It will cost you $5 to join and vote and the money is used to get musical instruments for kids.  Here is the link.  & a big thanks.


Here is what we are nominated for:

MAMAs Song of the Year

  • Category: Cover Song
    • You might think
  • Category: Folk/Americana
    • These Days
  • Category: Country/Bluegrass
    • Shackles and chains
  • Category: Unique
    • Riding the rapids
  • Category: Alternative
    • Vauxhall

MAMAs Album of the Year


  • Category: Country/Bluegrass
    • Vauxhall
  • Category: Folk/American
    • Vauxhall

MAMAs Artist of the Year

  • SpareTime Bluegrass

MAMAs Instrumentalist of the Year

  • Specialty Instrument
    • Jim Robarts banjo

MAMAs Vocalist of the Year

  • Category:Female Vocalist
    • Lisa Case Doro



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